Soul Exchange

The exchange of Red Souls and Super Soul Tokens can be done from within the exchange in the game. The exchange fills the role of an automated market maker (AMM). Super Soul Tokens and Red Souls use a liquidity pool CPMM(x*y=k) model to make a more efficient market. Unlike trading based on an order book which requires buyers and sellers to always be present, an AMM allows players to make exchanges whenever they want because of the liquidity pool. Due to this exchange’s method of operation, the value of Red Souls and Super Soul Tokens can both be maintained and reflect market conditions. Anyone can guarantee the ownership rights of their in-game earned rewards whenever they want by exchanging them for tokens and also exchange Super Souls for Red Souls which can be used in varying systems in the game. These exchanges operate to reflect the market, find consensus, and ultimately minimize volatility and maintain the value of these properties.

When Red Souls are exchanged for Super Soul Tokens, 30% of the exchanged Super Soul Tokens are used as operational funds, and GDO tokens are paid in proportion to this deduction. Therefore, a player obtains 70% Super Soul Tokens and 30% GDO tokens upon exchange. When Super Soul Tokens are exchanged for Red Souls, additional GDO is given in the same amount as the number exchanged.

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