Background Story

#1-1 Have you ever heard of this story?

The story where the best scientists of the era disappeared without leaving any clue. Nobody knows where they are nor what they are doing. But I do know. How?

Because I am the one who gathered them for the purpose of figuring out a way to achieve immortality for humanity. People would call me crazy and pour out all sorts of criticism, but these top scientists knew at once that I was not wrong.

Let’s see. I must see the look on their desperate faces, begging us.

#1-2 Experiment Journal - Apr 1

I am a scientist specialized in genetic engineering, and this journal will be where I will keep records of the experiment. If anything ever happens to me, this journal shall be disclosed to the world.

Several scientists including me gathered in a laboratory. We still don’t know who brought us here. I guess we all must have agreed to take part in this experiment after we heard him talking about a way to make human beings immortal. It sounds nonsensical, but I had no choice but to take this opportunity. If this experiment succeeds, I can save my child. Some may harshly criticize us, but I can withstand it all if I can save my child at last.

#2-1 You must know that sometimes you fail, and sometimes you succeed

Even if these scientists were considered to be geniuses, it doesn’t mean that they could lead every experiment to success. After repeated failures, which made them slightly annoyed, they managed to get closer to the answer they had been looking for. And they found the clue to the needed material, the only key to the success of the experiment. However, as it still doesn’t guarantee the perfect answer, who knows how much further they should proceed with the experiment. There should be an orphanage near the lab to steadily supply experimental material.

#2-2 Experiment Journal - Feb 9

The nightmarish experiments, which were repeated day after day, now seem to be nearing their end. If what we discovered is the answer, we will finally be able to escape from this prison-like laboratory. And it means that the day I can present a new life to my beloved child is coming soon. However, I have to make tough decisions. The essential materials for this cruel, brutal experiment are special children. He said he will build an orphanage nearby and bring in children. Using children as sacrifices for the experiment… Is this the right thing?

#3-1 The way to immortal life

The greatest, most unprecedented discovery in history lies ahead. The best scientists carried out the experiments day and night to achieve the same goal; as a result, they managed to find the answer. It really is thrilling to introduce this discovery that will help make humanity go beyond its existing limit. I should go and get the ingredients that will be used to make the answer to this problem: children who are so-called Survivors. It does seem that there are several subjects trying to escape from the house. However, escaping from Granny, the Pursuer they’ve created, won't be that easy.

#3-2 Experiment Journal - Jan 21

We continued the experiment using children from the nearby orphanage as subjects. As we repeatedly conducted the experiment, we got closer to the answer but had to sacrifice more children. I always erased all memories they had so that they didn’t have to suffer. Those children who survived the repeated experiments, whom we now call Survivors, will be our key to the unsolved mystery. He must have brought those children to this house by now. Tomorrow is the day of the last experiment. If I have to run away, this could be my last chance. Will I be able to avoid the terrifying Pursuers and get out of this house?

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