Granny's House

Granny’s House is a casual horror game globally launched in January 2020. With easy rules, a multiplayer service, and a cute horror theme, Granny’s House provides players with a variety of gameplay experiences.

Goals of Granny’s House

Granny’s House is based on a story where children, who were raised by a mysterious group, are locked in a suspicious house. Over the course of their escape, they learn secrets about their orphanage and the house itself. We aim to make players experience different modes based on the story to grow their characters and have fun. Players can get familiar with the Granny’s House lore by playing different modes to earn experience points and rewards. These experience points and rewards lead to more varied gameplay and chances to exchange them for ownership of in-game property.

Universe Made with the Community

Our aim is for the various activities performed in Granny’s House to lead to the formation of communities among players from which social activities will emerge. Also, players will be able to come up with and share their own opinions that may trigger changes to the game based on a system that is guaranteed and transparent. This cooperative relationship between the game and the community will allow Granny’s House to keep making its universe more complete.

Beyond Fun, Connecting with Other Universes

Granny’s House guarantees players’ ownership rights in the forms of FTs and NFTs via a blockchain. By ensuring these rights, data can be decentralized to establish an open ecosystem which enables compatibility with other universes. We anticipate connecting and bringing new value within Granny’s House to various types of NFT property owned by players. Also, we plan to make our API public, which is a necessary step to make NFTs created in Granny’s House maintain their value outside of Granny’s House. With this API, anyone can accept NFTs created in Granny’s House and assign a new value to them. By connecting outside NFTs to Granny’s House and our FTs and NFTs to other universes, we will create a cycle in which the lore of Granny’s House can expand beyond our universe. We believe that this is the process for establishing an open metaverse.

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