Granny's House


2022 Q1
  • Granny's House Renewal launch (Feb 9)
  • SST, GDO issuance (Feb 9) Character NFT minting
  • Establishing a community channel exclusive to character NFT holders
  • Square expansion
2022 Q2
  • GrannyDAO launch
  • External NFT in-game integration
  • Limited edition NFT airdrop exclusive to rankers and holders
  • Housing system open
  • New mode alpha test
  • Granny's House town alpha test
2022 Q3
  • New mode official opening
  • Item NFT system opening
  • Item NFT Exchange Open Granny's House townland housing system open
  • Granny's House townland/background objects NFT minting
  • Craft Mode Renewal alpha test
2022 Q4
  • Craft mode renewal open
  • Background object, mod asset NFT marketplace launch